Meal Planning

Meal Planning: It Starts with a Theme

OK y’all so one of my favorite things to talk about and do is create monthly meal plans for my busy family. What I try to do is each month is have one day to do most of my grocery shopping on one day and then spend a few hours that day or another day and cook or pre-cook as many meals for the month as possible.

When I first started Once A Month Cooking (OAMC), it was honestly pretty overwhelming. I tried to create some super fabulous dish for each evening and have it completely ready and frozen so all we had to do that day was defrost and cook. However, the issue with that was that I spend SO MUCH TIME planning and shopping and cooking because I had so many new recipes and so many ingredients and so many different meals.

Over time, I’ve simplified things for us. I do a combination of slow cooker meals and pre-cooked freezer meals.

And the easiest thing I’ve found for me is to create “themes” for each night of the week to help with the planning process. This helps me select the recipes to use that month during the planning process. For example, our basic weekly themes are:

  • Monday: Chicken
  • Tuesday: Beef or Pork
  • Wednesday: Breakfast
  • Thursday: Meatless (Soup, Salad or any other meatless entree)
  • Friday: Pizza
  • Saturday: Leftovers or Dinner Out
  • Sunday: Old School Meals {More to come on this topic in a future post}

So, want to meal plan along with me? Pick some week night themes that work for your family!

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