Meal Planning

Meal Planning: A Binder & Some Recipes

Now that you have your nightly themes planned {See more here} the next step to successful and organized planning is to set up a meal planning binder.

Super easy part here. Just grab a binder and a few dividers.


Then just label each divider with each of your weeknight themes. Grab all those favorite family recipes and file them where they belong under each theme. As far as your recipes go, you can have them handwritten or print them out and insert into page protectors. You can do it up as much or as little as you want!

The best part about meal planning with this set up is that when you’re ready to grab that cup of coffee and meal plan, you just need to grab a recipe from each of the tabs. Easy-peasy.

Now that you have your themes set, grab your binder and dividers and get those recipes ready! I personally love keeping it nice and simple and using mostly freezer prepped meals or slow cooker recipes.

Here are a few of my favorites but you can find lots and lots online too!


Find a great one to try or have one you already love — post and share.


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